NEWS12 April 2024

Dovetail launches product discovery tool

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AUSTRALIA/US – Customer insights company Dovetail has created a large language model (LLM) and machine learning (ML) product discovery tool.

ML code

The tool, called Channels, uses LLM and ML techniques to process user feedback and data sets such as support tickets, app reviews and net promoter score responses to analyse themes and create insights.

Channels aims to help teams identify patterns and support product development prioritisation and problem solving.

The launch of Channels coincides with the release of Dovetail’s new ‘magic’ features, designed to convert customer data into insights for product development decisions.

The features include redaction, video analysis, summarising, transcription, highlight and search functions.

Founded in 2017 by Benjamin Humphrey and Bradley Ayers, Dovetail has more than 100 employees across offices in Sydney and San Francisco.

Benjamin Humphrey, chief executive and co-founder at Dovetail, said: “We are thrilled to announce Channels, which marks a significant leap forward in our mission to empower companies with better customer understanding to make more informed product decisions.

“This launch is a testament to our dedication to embracing customer-centric values at Dovetail. Channels not only address but fulfil a crucial requirement within product teams, which fits with our approach to exceeding customer needs.’’