NEWS7 October 2020

DMA launches dyslexia employer guide

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UK – The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) has published guidance to help employers in the data and marketing industries better understand dyslexia in the workplace.

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The DMA Talent: Dyslexia Employer Guide offers recommendations on adjustments organisations can make to their recruitment processes, the workplace environment and support networks.

It also includes case studies and advice on managing someone with dyslexia, including the benefits of a structured working environment and assistive technology.

Produced with input from neurodiversity consultants, employers, and dyslexic employees, it is the latest in a series of neurodiversity guidance produced by the DMA. Last year, the association published an autism employer guide.

Kate Burnett, general manager, DMA Talent and co-author of the guide, said: “Although awareness has increased in recent years, dyslexia remains misunderstood and businesses must do more to become inclusive workplaces. Our new employer guide addresses this by helping employers to understand what they can do to support a diverse workforce.”

Laura Chamberlain, managing director at Sign Salad, said: “I used to keep my dyslexia a secret when I first entered the working world. For the first 15 years or so of my career, I rarely, if ever, mentioned it for fear of revealing a vulnerability and being seen as ‘not good enough’ in some way.

“Unfortunately, too many adversarial agency cultures persist, where people feel they need to present themselves as invulnerable and as an ideal, titanium version of their role. It’s unrealistic and exhausting for everyone, not just the neurodiverse community.”