NEWS24 January 2022

DMA creates Scottish apprenticeships scheme

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UK – Trade body the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) has partnered with Scottish apprenticeship provider Sixth Sense Training to create more entry-level jobs in the Scottish marketing industry.

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Sixth Sense Training will help the DMA find apprenticeships for young marketers as part of the agreement, as well as opportunities for young people already working in the industry.

Any person taking a digital marketing apprenticeship with Sixth Sense Training will gain an IDM Award in Marketing training certification and a DMA student membership.

The DMA said the agreement would help business across Scotland find a trusted partner for digital marketing apprenticeships.

The partnership will also help demystify how apprenticeships function, which the DMA said it affecting apprenticeships’ success across the UK.

Sixth Sense Training specialises in digital apprenticeships in Scotland, and works with the Scottish government to deliver apprenticeships in areas such as digital marketing, data analytics and creative media.

Kate Burnett, general manager, DMA Talent, said: “We have championed the benefits of apprenticeships for many years and we will now be able to further assist our membership organisations, and wider businesses community, by providing them with a trusted contact and framework to set up a successful apprenticeship programme.”

Jamie McBean, director at Sixth Sense Training, said: “Apprenticeships open up businesses to a whole new, diverse talent pool – people that may suit learning in a working environment, or faced challenges at school, who may even get overlooked for graduate programmes, that thrive in the workplace.

“From a business perspective, they offer additional opportunities to build a diverse team from the ground up, with no learned behaviours that may not complement existing company culture.”