NEWS19 January 2010

DIY online survey tool goes live

North America Technology

US— AskYourTargetMarket, an online, on-demand survey and panel service that offers research for under $30, has gone live.

The service has been in beta testing since September last year and offers users access to a built-in consumer panel and the ability to write their own questions.

AskYourTargetMarket’s creators claim that it is 95% cheaper than “industry norms” and that the survey tool “flies in the face of antiquated market research firm models”.

Panellists are drawn from AskYourTargetMarket’s sister website,, where site members answer questions in return for cash rewards.

The firm said that most surveys are completed within 72 hours, or the user can stop them and have credits transferred to their account. Users can also zero in on their target market by refining respondents’ demographics by age, gender, location, employment status, education and race.

Price plans start at $29.95 for five questions to 50 respondents.

Co-founder David Handel (pictured with co-founder Lev Mazin) said: “Until now, the little guy has been at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to market intelligence. We decided that it was time for that to change.”


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14 years ago

In this day and age when clients are questioning where their online sample is coming from and what sort of quality is being done, does one think "" will give them any sort of non-biased type of respondent base to choose from?

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