NEWS9 May 2018

Delvinia launches automated MR platform

News North America

CANADA – Data collection group, Delvinia, has released its automated market research platform Methodify across North America.

Steve Mast_crop

Delvinia – which owns AskingCanadians and AskingAmericans among other businesses – has beta tested the platform with a number of clients. Research partners include Kantar, element54 and Voxpopme is now the latest technology partner to join the platform.  

The platform is designed to make it easier to integrate consumer insights and can test consumers’ feedback on a range of elements from product concepts and pricing strategies to advertising campaigns and user experiences.

Steve Mast (pictured), president and chief innovation officer at Delvinia, said: “Marketers and researchers are under an increasing time crunch to support decision making with more consumer insights but with the added disadvantage of less time, fewer resources and smaller budgets.

“With Methodify, researchers employ a test-and-learn approach that allows them to pivot as needed, bringing the customer into the conversation more often in the development process.”