NEWS6 December 2017

DataXu launches Open AI for Ads

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US – Software firm DataXu has launched Open AI for Ads, an initiative aimed at improving marketing outcomes using artificial intelligence.

According to the company, the initiative will allow users of DataXu’s demand-side platform (DSP) to improve campaign performance using artificial intelligence and proprietary data sets.

The solution can be powered by third-party data sets, and by custom first-party insights developed by analytics teams within agencies or brands.

The first algorithm to be included in the initiative uses data from Oracle Data Cloud. The collaboration uses DataXu’s distributed computing pipeline to allow users to ‘plug’ their consumer research into a decision system.

Michael K. Baker, chief executive and co-founder, Dataxu, said the initiative allows advertising teams to “easily codify the insights in their data”, to create a “powerful, proprietary programmatic buying solution”.