NEWS16 July 2010

CRG pays back $300k to Canadian government over ‘insufficient records’

Government North America

CANADA— Corporate Research Group (CRG) has voluntarily paid back more than $300,000 to government administrative body Public Works Canada after an audit found that proper records had not been kept for five projects it was commissioned for.

Public Works Canada hired an external auditor to examine the contracts it had awarded to the firm after a whistleblower reported the friendship between CRG president Brian Card and Tim McGrath, former assistant deputy minister of Public Work’s realty branch, according to The Ottawa Citizen.

Card (pictured), whose firm offers research, mystery shopping and consultancy services, said: “We acknowledge that in these limited cases proper procedures were not followed. However, the work commissioned under these contracts was delivered on time and on budget to the satisfaction of the client.

“For nearly three decades, we have provided exceptional value to our clients. If mistakes are made, we make a point of going above and beyond to remedy the situation.”

The total value of the contracts refunded is $303,737.