NEWS20 March 2023

Comscore rebrands programmatic targeting business

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US – Media measurement firm Comscore has launched a dedicated programmatic targeting business called Proximic by Comscore.

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The new division follows on from Comscore’s 2015 acquisition of audience and content targeting company Proximic, with the new business taking over Comscore’s Activation Team brand.

Proximic by Comscore will control a number of ID-based and advanced contextual targeting tools, with plans to expand its range of products in the future to areas such as custom audiences based on TV viewing or web site visitation, as well as an expansion of its self-service platform.

Rachel Gantz, managing director at Proximic by Comscore, said: “We’ve always been dedicated to using our data and AI to empower marketers to effectively reach consumers and publishers to access privacy-forward monetisation tactics.

“This new chapter marks an even bigger stage for us to showcase our strengths.”

Steve Bagdasarian, executive vice-president of growth at Comscore, said: “Proximic by Comscore is not just about future-proofing, they’re raising the bar for what brands can expect from the performance of campaign targeting today.

“Given Proximic by Comscore’s market-leading targeting capabilities, it is important to invest in the brand to meet the needs of today’s programmatic environment.”