NEWS8 July 2014

Companies lose average of £47k due to damaging online content

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UK — Three quarters of UK business owners see negative online content as their key business worry, according to The Reputation Report.

The report was commissioned by online reputation management company Igniyte and based on feedback from 500 UK business owners and higher decision makers. Results revealed that over half of the respondents had been adversely affected by negative content online and the average loss as a result of damaging online content was reported to be £46,815. Nearly one in ten respondents said they had lost between £50k and £100k.

The report also showed that one in five business leaders were unhappy with the way they were portrayed in their Google page one, and just one third felt they had the skills they needed to keep their company’s online reputation up to scratch.

“Companies are realising that online reputation is an important asset worth protecting, but dealing with negative content is still a tricky issue,” said Simon Wadsworth, managing director and founder of Igniyte.

The full report can be downloaded here.


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6 years ago

We totally agree, online reputation management is extremely important to businesses nowadays considering how easy it is to share a positive or negative experiences with thousands of people with just a click of a mouse. Businesses can't make everyone happy, but what they can do is address the problem. Don't ignore it and try to bury it because the negative reviews can keep piling up and then it'll be even harder to clean up. Address these negative reviews to do some damage control because not addressing them will create an even worse impression. Businesses need to make sure their customers know they're being heard.

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