NEWS15 June 2015

Canada sets up public opinion research association

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CANADA — The founding board of the Canadian Association for Public Opinion Research was announced on Thursday.


The aim of the association is to enhance the quality of public research in Canada, according to its chairman elect, Darrell Bricker, global head of Ipsos Public Affairs.

There has been widespread criticism of Canadian public opinion research in recent years following inaccurate election poll results. A story on explained that in 2013, a victory was predicted for the New Democratic Party (NDP), but the BC Liberals were eventual winners; while in 2012 a predicted breakthrough for the Wild Rose Party also failed to come to fruition.

“This is not only a good day for the practice of public opinion (polling) in Canada but also for the media and the public,” Bricker said in a statement, quoted by the Winnipeg Free Press.

“(The association) will fill a critical void in this country.”

The association will be open only to individuals, who will have to adhere to a code of professional ethics and practice and will be subject to peer oversight. Members will also have to report on the methods behind their polls.

The founding board includes pollsters, political science academics, members of the media and a lawyer. The intention is for the organisation to be functioning in time for the federal election in October.