NEWS24 June 2024

Brands deemed ‘most to blame’ for chatbot errors, study suggests

AI News UK

UK – Consumers place the majority of blame on companies using chatbots rather than the chatbots’ developers if it provides inaccurate information, research from YouGov has found.

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YouGov said that 54% of respondents placed the responsibility for making sure chatbots provide accurate information on the company using it, while 26% felt the onus was on the developer of the chatbot.

Only 3% of respondents felt that customers were the most responsible, while 3% felt no one was to blame.

The research was based on an online survey of 18,000 consumers across 17 markets to understand consumer sentiment towards artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots.

Other findings from the research included that 71% of consumers believe that companies should generally be held responsible if incorrect information was provided on their behalf via an AI chatbots.

The UK ( 81%), Australia ( 80%), Hong Kong ( 78%) and Canada ( 78%) were the countries with consumers most likely to hold the company responsible for the chatbot’s responses, while France ( 57%), India ( 63%) and Germany ( 64%) were the least likely.

Across all 17 markets, 79% of respondents (ranging from 67% in France to 88% in the UK) felt companies should be held responsible for incorrect information provided on their websites.

In addition, 76% believed companies should be accountable for errors made by customer service representatives.