NEWS6 December 2023

Lack of trust in AI chatbots despite widespread use

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UK – Almost half ( 44%) of UK consumers distrust information they get from chatbots, according to research from brand and campaign tracking business Delineate and conversational artificial intelligence (AI) consultancy Vixen Labs.

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The research found that 60% of consumers in markets such as the UK, US and Mexico use voice assistants, with the most searched for terms revolving around music ( 81%), weather ( 77%) and news ( 65%).

However, 48% of the UK public do not trust chatbots to help them in their daily lives and 74% would prefer to speak to a real person.

In addition, 39% of respondents proactively turn off their voice assistant when it’s not in use.

The findings are based on a survey of 7,000 individuals aged 18 or over across carried out in September 2023 in five countries, with 2,000 in each of the UK and US surveyed and 1,000 in Germany, Australia and Mexico.

The research found that 25% of adults claim unprompted awareness of generative AI, with ChatGPT ( 42%) leading the way in awareness in the UK, followed by Google Bard ( 19%) and Bing from Microsoft ( 15%).

Around two in five ( 40%) individuals globally express confidence in explaining the concept of generative AI, while a majority ( 60%) of adults in the UK, US and Australia are aware of the term.

In terms of using generative AI in daily life, 61% of UK adults have watched something that was recommended on a streaming service, while 41% sought personalised recommendations when online shopping.

However, 53% are concerned about the privacy of their data when using chatbots.

James Turner, chief executive and founder at Delineate, said: “Is generative AI perfect? Absolutely not. But it would be foolish to try and pretend it won’t change our lives and have an impact on how consumers make even the smallest of day-to-day choices. That’s a hugely powerful thing for organisations to comprehend.

“Large language models will continue to evolve and give brands new ways to connect with customers. Brands need to tap into the moments where consumers are comfortable using AI and show them how technology can add value to their days.”

James Poulter, chief executive at Vixen Labs, added: “Our goal is to turn scepticism into advocacy by demonstrating the tangible benefits these tools bring to daily life.

“This trend of growing usage, despite reservations, is a testament to the inherent value and potential of conversational AI. It’s a clear sign that as we address concerns around privacy and bias, the integration of these tools into everyday life will only deepen, paving the way for a more connected and efficient future.”