NEWS22 August 2011

B2B International develops ‘perceived value’ metric

North America

US— B2B International has developed a new metric called the Net Value Score (NVS) that assesses a brand’s perceived value in the marketplace.

The metric is calculated by asking three questions – about product and service benefits, pricing and total value – and the answers are then run through an algorithm to create an overall score.

NVS was developed while B2B was working on a global branding study for paint and chemicals firm PPG Industries.

Julia Cupman (pictured), head of B2B’s North American operations, said: “We hope more companies will recognise the importance of measuring perceived value and that they start benchmarking their performance with the NVS. One should not underestimate the power of this simple tool in providing critical metrics and research findings.”


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13 years ago

How does this differ or improve on the Net Promoter Score which has been subject to criticism for not being the most reliable indicator of customer loyalty.

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