NEWS25 August 2022

Atria streamlines insight analysis in F&B

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FINLAND – Food-processing company Atria has partnered with Stravito to utilise its AI-powered enterprise insights platform in the food and beverage sector.

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The Stravito platform is said to help employees pull reports and data with simple search functions and it also enables them to share key takeaways seamlessly via the home view function. The feature makes it simple for the insights team to add new material and automatically tag it to file it under a specific topic.

The company is also using the platform’s collections feature to gather all relevant content around a specific category and consumption habit for each business segment

“Within a matter of weeks, all insights ever obtained by Atria were available on the new internal platform. It was amazingly smooth – with Stravito doing most of the work, the implementation was so easy”, said Rebecka Thulin, consumer insight and market analyst at Atri.

“Everyone at the company must be able to do their own analysis. They know their areas, we know research. Together, we all do our part to take Atria into the future – a future where we go from being product-driven to being consumer and shopper-driven.”