NEWS26 July 2022

Stravito partners with KnowledgeHound

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SWEDEN – Enterprise insights platform Stravito has partnered with search-based survey analysis platform KnowledgeHound on insights management.

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Organisations that are subscribed to both platforms can now access all of their survey research data in KnowledgeHound from within the Stravito interface.

Users can also link to data visualisation tools run by KnowledgeHound that automatically turn survey data into charts or graphs for further analysis or presentation.

According to Stravito founder and chief executive Thor Olof Philogéne, the integration of KnowledgeHound’s survey analysis into the Stravito platform helps simplify knowledge discovery.

Philogéne said: “Stravito’s vision is to keep knowledge alive and in use, and our partnership with KnowledgeHound moves us closer to achieving this.

“Integrating its search API (application programming interface) into the Stravito platform ensures users extract the most value out of their survey data to identify meaningful insights, unlock opportunity and truly move business forward.”

KnowledgeHound chief executive Laura Baker added: “Separately, Stravito and KnowledgeHound offer powerful data mining that help businesses grow and succeed.

“When combined in a single interface, they form a one-stop insights shop allowing teams to truly search, analyse and integrate insights into business strategy so they can accurately respond to market challenges, conduct long-term planning and make informed decisions.

“We’re excited to create a collaborative ecosystem that fosters innovation, while further moving organisations towards a single source of truth.”