NEWS29 June 2022

Stravito chosen as Reckitt’s customer insight platform

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SWEDEN Enterprise insights platform Stravito has been selected as the knowledge management solution for Reckitt, a global consumer goods manufacturer of health, hygiene and nutrition brands.

Conceptual image of a data platform

By creating one central hub for market and consumer insights, Reckitt employees can store, search and discover all their consumer knowledge and research in seconds.

Stravito allows organisations to create one central hub where employees can store their research, insights and analytics data, regardless of format or file type.

Data visualisation tools and third-party research firms can be directly integrated, allowing employees to search for content across multiple sources in a single view.

Second-party data living on local servers or file storage solutions such as SharePoint can be auto-uploaded. Each document is analysed and tagged automatically, video and audio files are transcribed automatically and Stravito’s advanced filtering mechanisms and search engine intelligently adapt to the companys taxonomy and specific internal terminology.

The content delivered is personalised to individual users based on their market, industry, language, location, behaviour and other signals, ensuring key insights are delivered to the appropriate employees, at the appropriate time. 

According to Stravito founder and chief executive Thor Olof Philogéne, Reckitt chose Stravito to simplify internal research discovery, increase engagement and boost productivity.

“In the modern economy, it is essential that global organisations integrate market and consumer insights into business decisions so they can move closer to their customers,” said Philogéne.

“By pushing personalised content for each user on the home page, through notifications and in search results, the Reckitt team is able to stay on top of important research and pave the way for better decision-making for the 200 countries where the company’s products are available.”