NEWS18 October 2012

Arbitron to add radio data to GfK MRI and Media Monitors tools


US— Arbitron has agreed partnerships with GfK MRI and Media Monitors to add radio audience data into the two firms’ modelling platforms with immediate effect.

As a result of the deal, Arbitron’s PPM radio ratings data will will be integrated into GfK MRI’s Granularity modelling platform, while the firm has struck a deal with Media Monitors to link radio ratings with the agency’s commercial airplay data.

This will allow advertisers to receive Arbitron’s radio audience estimates for the specific times that their spots are played.The firms said that the addition of radio data would make it easier for ad agencies to validate a client’s advertising activity.

Carol Hanley, Arbitron’s chief sales and marketing officer, said: “Arbitron’s partnership with GfK MRI and Media Monitors will provide modellers and advertisers with a better understanding of radio’s crucial role in the overall advertising mix and increased confidence in the medium.

“By placing Arbitron’s more granular PPM data in GfK MRI’s Granularity customer modeling portal, we hope to demonstrate that radio’s significant contribution to the overall return on investment of a marketing campaign is much higher than previously thought, thus generating more mindshare for the medium among advertisers.”