NEWS27 January 2022

Alida offers new platform capabilities with latest product release

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Canada – Customer experience (CX) software provider Alida has unveiled its winter 2022 product release, which it describes as “bringing new capabilities in CX, employee experience (EX), product experience (PX) and brand experience (BX)”.

Mobile with stars indicating customer experience rating

New features within the Alida TXM Platform include online reviews with Alida Social, dynamic targeting with Alida Touchpoint, AI-driven text analytics and dashboards, organisational hierarchy reporting and integrated sample management.

“Today’s release further solidifies Alida as a market-leading, CXM cloud solution and continues to push our aggressive growth momentum,” said Riaz Raihan, president of products & engineering at Alida. “With our platform’s advanced capabilities, clients have access to the most innovative and powerful ways to listen, analyse and act on customer and employee feedback.”

Alida will shortly be expanding its qualitative capabilities with an integrated Video IDI toolkit. With Video IDI, companies can segment and schedule panellists, prepare for and conduct live video interviews (individual or group), run detailed analyses with transcript text analysis and share showreel clips for presentations.