NEWS27 July 2022

Alida launches improved TXM platform

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CANADA – Experience management firm Alida has released its new customer journeys product and added 15 new features to its Total Experience Management (TXM) platform as part of its summer 2022 product release.

Map of the customer journey process drawn on a blackboard

The latest product release provides customers with the ability to understand performance drivers at key journey steps; integrate or collect data using the Alida TXM platform and then monitor metrics for each key engagement between customers and the business.

In addition, customers will be able to build sophisticated customer journeys, view key metrics, and identify areas that need attention, as well as make informed recommendations to drive end-to-end experiences for customers and get more granular control and insights.

Other features include the ability to create configurable dashboards from touchpoint data and analyse millions of data points on customer feedback and interactions; capture demographic insights of broader audiences and use the data for personalisation and more targeted branded content.

Customers will also be able to get support for multiple languages on the mobile app, which automatically detects device language and translates all non-user generated content in English, French, Spanish, or German, with more languages to be added in the near future.

Commenting on the launch, Riaz Raihan, Alida’s president of products & engineering, said: “Today’s release further strengthens our product portfolio and platform infrastructure, solidifying our place as a leader in the customer experience industry.

“With Alida’s new customer journeys, organisations can pinpoint customer feedback at all critical touch points and monitor performance to deliver better end-to-end experiences.”