NEWS26 April 2023

Alida releases mobile CX tools

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CANADA – Experience management company Alida has released a series of new tools for its Total Experience Management platform, including mobile feedback capabilities.

person using smartphone

The release includes social listening features that allow users to track what people think about mobile apps, as well as connecting mobile app reviews and customer satisfaction, referrals, subscriptions and spending.

The tools will also overlay feedback from other sources, such as community panels and surveys, to allow users to understand app reviews in context of the end-to-end customer experience, and will integrate with Alida’s Social Review to monitor and analyse feedback from multiple app review platforms.

A new mobile app has also been released to help respondents and community members answer quick polls and provide feedback on content, such as product prototypes and visuals.

Other new features include the ability to embed surveys in mobile apps, websites or any mobile device used by customers, partners or employees and an analytics dashboard that provides real-time streaming of multiple data sources.

Riaz Raihan, resident of products and engineering at Alida, said: “Consumer needs are changing faster than ever before. If organisations want to keep pace, they need to leverage customer experience tools that meet customers where they are.

“Today’s release unlocks new and timely ways to engage with consumers, allowing organisations to take action faster on in-moment customer feedback to make impactful business decisions.”