NEWS22 February 2016

Adoreboard launches content optimisation tool

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UK — Content analysis software provider Adoreboard has launched Toneapi, a tool designed to measure and optimise written content for emotion.

Toneapi’s algorithms allow it to identify emotions such as love, hate, anger, surprise, annoyance and trust within content. The tool includes an ‘emotional thesaurus’ that provides users with recommendations on how the content can be optimised for different types of emotion. 

A private beta phase saw a number of professional organisations trial the tool. 

Toneapi has already proven its ability to drive value and improved results to a very wide range of users and organisations," said Chris Johnston, CEO of Adoreboard. "We are delighted to see it formally launched today.  Its speed and ease of use – for all user types – is a critical differentiator.  

"We look forward to accelerating its adoption for everyone involved in improving or understanding all forms of content.”