NEWS9 April 2019

Ad over-targeting putting off consumers

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UK – People are increasingly mistrustful of advertising with more than half of UK consumers apathetic toward advertising according to a Kantar report.


Kantar’s Dimension study – now in its third year – surveys 5,000 connected consumers in five markets with a combined total ad spend of $352bn. It found that  more than half ( 56%) of UK consumers object to over-targeting with 55% completely apathetic towards advertising content – up from 53% in 2018.

The study showed that almost three quarters ( 73%) of UK consumers say they see the same ads over and over again with only 11% saying they enjoy advertising. 

Mark Inskip, CEO Kantar UK & Ireland, media division, said: "If brands and advertisers are going to rebuild – and retain – the trust of their audiences, we need to see more responsible use of data across the industry. By adopting an integrated approach, balancing niche targeting capabilities with mass marketing tactics, brands can provide consumers with a helpful, additive experience.

"Those who are building verified first-party data into their approach and, where possible, that of walled garden platforms are able to paint a complete picture of the total consumer journey across all media."

The number of people using ad-blocking technology in the UK has remained steady at 22% over the past couple of years. More than a third ( 36%) of people subscribing to TV/video and audio subscription sites say the main reason for subscribing is to avoid being targeted with advertising content.