NEWS23 October 2013

9% of US population account for 46% of natural/ organic product sales

News North America

US — A new consumer segmentation by IRI and SPINS suggests that a small proportion of “power shoppers” may represent the best opportunities for CPG manufacturers and retailers to achieve revenue growth and market share gains.

SPINS NaturaLink, a segmentation of the entire US population carried out by IRI and SPINS, focused on how shoppers think about, purchase and use natural, organic and eco-friendly products.

The segmentation generated seven consumer segments, of which two were deemed to offer the most opportunity for retailers and manufacturers: “true believers” and “enlightened environmentalists” together make up only 9% of the US population, but account for 46% of all natural/ organic product sales.

According to the segmentation:

True believers are “passionate about staying fit and healthy, focused on trying new things and are strong believers in the benefits of natural/ organic products”.

Enlightened environmentalists are “passionate about the environment and making good choices to support it […], they will go out of their way to shop at stores that carry natural/ organic products”.

More detail on these and remaining segments can be found here.