FEATURE19 November 2020

Working well

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Opinium has conducted a survey on the industry’s mental wellbeing, providing indicators of how researchers are coping with a challenging year. By Katie McQuater.


“You are not ‘working from home’; you are at your home, during a crisis, trying to work.”

As organisations moved to remote working, guidance issued by a Canadian government agency to its employees was quickly shared on social media networks. It’s a distinction to which many will relate.

Whether you are a parent juggling childcare with your job, jostling for workspace with housemates, or feeling isolated without the presence of colleagues, working remotely is not without its struggles for mental wellbeing.

The good news is that the importance of looking after our emotional health has risen up the agenda in recent years, with charities, governments and forward-thinking organisations taking the lead.

For the second year running, Opinium has conducted a study on mental wellbeing in the market research industry, supported by MRS. The results of the survey of 1, 143 UK researchers, sent out by MRS to its database, suggest improvement in people’s openness to discussing mental health and acknowledging issues.

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