FEATURE12 May 2023

Minding your own: How one agency is approaching the Mindful Business Charter

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In 2020, Firefish Group became the first research agency to sign the Mindful Business Charter. Margot Goldman-Edwards and Sian Stranks share how the process has been going.

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It has been almost three years since our group became a signatory of the Mindful Business Charter (MBC), with the intention of creating a working environment that removes unnecessary stress and allows everyone to thrive.

The journey hasn’t come without its challenges, but it has given us a framework to not just talk about mentally healthy working practices, but to create tangible actions across our businesses.

Our chief executive, Jem Fawcus, initially heard about the MBC and felt it was an important initiative to be part of. The MBC was set up in response to the demands of professional service work and the nature of the client/supplier relationship.

As we explored the framework and the challenges it was trying to overcome, we felt we could draw significant parallels with the organisations that had signed up to the charter. ...