FEATURE21 April 2022

The privilege of presidency

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This year marks the end of Jan Gooding’s tenure as president of the Market Research Society (MRS). Here, she recalls some of the highlights of her time at the top.

Black and white portrait of Jan Gooding

I remember how honoured I felt when MRS CEO Jane Frost first approached me, five years ago, to invite me to be president of the MRS. She explained that, in addition to its broad ambassadorial remit, she hoped I would help champion the drive to improve the diversity and inclusion of the sector.

In my first speech to the 2017 conference, I said: “No-one is able to say that their sector or company is completely inclusive. You are no exception – and it’s important that you put some energy into addressing the issues that have been uncovered, working from your strengths, so you never doubt your ability to be insightful about the people you profess to understand.” I have been so heartened by the huge strides the MRS has made in this area over the past five years, both in drawing attention to the issue and galvanising change.

As I come to the end of my term, I have been reflecting on ...