FEATURE15 August 2019

The business of data

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With increased focus on the ethics around how companies are collecting and using personal data, some members of the Market Research Society’s Delphi Group took part in a roundtable discussion on what business needs to do. Jane Bainbridge reports.

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Jane Frost, CEO, MRS: It is timely to have this discussion because there has been more interest in regulating social media sites and more pressure on them to do more internal self-management. Is there a paradigm that is professionalised management with a very strong code of ethics? Would that be a better way of improving on these continuous crises of ethics and management hitting social media?

Nick Baker, UK CEO, Savanta: Is the dilemma that they aren’t geographically tied and a lot of regulation – where it works best – is in a national context?

JF: I cannot see anti-trust coming in against social media companies. I think it’s too big, and the other problem is that big data relies on it being global and at scale.

Jake Steadman, senior director, Twitter: It’s a global debate, but brand trust can still be eroded at an individual market level.

Tim Britton, managing director, open research group, Springer Nature: I don’t understand the distinction between ethics ...