FEATURE16 November 2023

Spreading the word: Tackling gender-based violence

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BBC Media Action research has focused on the outcomes of efforts to tackle gender-based violence in Zambia using radio. By Liam Kay-McClean.

photograph of an interview for Natwampane Zambia

In 1993, the United Nations published its Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, recognising that it constituted a violation of their rights and fundamental freedoms. But violence against women remains a significant problem globally, and work continues to address the issue and achieve that aim of a gender-based violence-free world.

In Zambia, the BBC’s international development charity, BBC Media Action, has been working on a project to help reduce gender-based violence in the country’s Northern and Luapula provinces, where the problem is especially acute.

The charity set out to address the issue in 2019 through radio programming, backed by funding from the European Union and supported by the government of Zambia, World Vision, GIZ, Lifeline/Childline and Norwegian Church Aid.

The campaign, Natwampane – which means ‘coming together’ in Bemba – aimed to decrease gender-based violence in Northern and