FEATURE3 September 2018

Safe shelter?

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The refugee crisis is not considered a worthy charitable cause by most UK adults, according to RDSi’s recent research project for The Worldwide Tribe. By Dave Power.


In October 2016, the semi-permanent refugee camp in Calais known as ‘The Jungle’ was closed by the French authorities and cleared of an estimated 8, 136 inhabitants.

The lucky ones were relocated to temporary centres outside of Calais, while others – scared and alone – fled the embers of the camp to seek refuge elsewhere. The camera crews and reporters left along with them, and the story soon departed from our TV screens, as if the problem had simply disappeared. Since then, grassroots charity The Worldwide Tribe has been working to educate people that an issue of this size cannot be extinguished simply by the closure of a camp. 

The charity is finding that it can generate significant impact by using qualitative research techniques, focusing on individual stories and capturing in-the-moment ethnographic footage,  as opposed to anonymous news reels. Through its work, The Worldwide Tribe has been able to offer support and donations to what is a growing number of ...