FEATURE21 March 2018

Insight into charity campaigning

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Oxfam has led the way in raising money for, and awareness of, humanitarian problems for more than 70 years, but as competition for the charity pound increases, so too does the need for insight and evidence, as its head of insight Tina Trythall tells Rob Gray.


On 5 October 1942, as World War II raged, the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief was formed in an effort to alleviate the suffering of civilians caught up in the conflict. The group’s first campaign was to call for the relaxation of a naval blockade, so food could reach starving people in Greece, and to raise money for those in need. 

Fast forward 75 years, and Oxfam is still helping people who have been hit by disaster, while striving to make poverty a thing of the past. More than 22m people worldwide benefited from its assistance in 2016 – from the provision of emergency aid in humanitarian crises to long-term development projects to improve lives in poorer communities. Oxfam also campaigns for action to tackle the root causes of poverty, such as climate change, inequality and discrimination against women.

Today, the charity is a global confederation, working in more than 90 countries. However, its British offices are still in ...