NEWS4 April 2017

One in five feel ‘overwhelmed’ by unsolicited charity contact

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UK – A new report has looked into the way charities interact with their supporters in order to alleviate criticism in the industry.

The report, Donors Deciphered, from market research company Public Knowledge, revealed that 20% of people felt ‘underwhelmed and under pressure’ from the level of unsolicited contact from charities, and 39% felt that charities spend too much on their communications. 

The report also found that 61% of people would like more control over which charities they hear from. 

Nevertheless, it was found that half ( 51%) of charity supporters show loyalty to their chosen charities year-on-year; 43% support more than one charity and 15% have increased their financial support in the last year. 

“Whilst supporters are happy to continue giving and trust their donations will be used to make a real difference, they do expect more transparency about how charities are run and more detailed evidence about how their personal donation is used," said Dr Judith Welford, head of Public Knowledge and a contributor to the report.

“There is a strong movement for wanting more control over how charities communicate with supporters and this is reflected in the way they want to be communicated with. They want positive, up to date and real life stories and information about how their donation is used. Supporters are clearly seeking a partnership rather than a one way conversation.”

The full report can be accessed here