FEATURE2 June 2016

Behave yourself

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Behavioural biases are everywhere, and Caroline Webb, author of How to Have a Good Day, thinks we should be taking advantage of them in our working lives to increase productivity. By Bronwen Morgan

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Behavioural economics and its application to marketing strategy is ubiquitous these days. It’s rare to hear a discussion on consumer decision-making that doesn’t refer to System 1 and 2 thinking, and how its related biases can be manipulated to encourage people to act in certain ways.

But management consultant and executive coach Caroline Webb thinks we can – and should – look beyond applying this thinking only to other people, and use its primes and nudges to affect our own working behaviour positively.

Throughout her career – she trained as an economist but has spent 15 years at McKinsey and her own firm – Webb’s focus has been on working with CEOs and senior teams to help them “shift their behaviour, raise their game and be at their best more of the time”. But she believes the same approach is applicable to people of all ages, roles and levels of seniority.

Using her science-based approach to “engage people to think ...