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FEATURE23 December 2016

2017 Preview: New Year’s resolutions

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Many don't beliveve that goals should be tied to a calendar, but of the market researchers that have made resolutions, they range from embracing change, to creating better connections and staying resilient. 

"Work harder on communicating complexity clearly and effectively (and being braver)." Ben Page, chief executive, Ipsos.

"Stay resilient, and always look on the bright side because there is sure to be one." Jane Frost, CEO, MRS.

"Creating better connections with clients to really work in partnership." Jane Rudling, managing director, Marketing Sciences Unlimited.

"To master the (very) basics of semiotics. (So the same resolution as last year)." Peter Totman, qualitative director, Jigsaw Research 

"Really understand how and why people ‘left behind’ in the post industrial world are fighting back." Deborah Mattinson, founder director, Britain Thinks

"#thinkdifferently – with consumers being more spoilt for choice than ever, being different means being more irreplaceable." Caroline Frankum, CEO EMEA, Lightspeed

"To screen out the noise and focus on what matters – in business, for my family and for my friends." Kirsty Fuller, co-founder and CEO, Flamingo Group

"To persuade the world that complex questions, emotions or situations can’t be explained or accurately described in 140 characters alone." Christian Dubreuil, managing director EMEA, Research Now. 

"Go digitally native. Retrospectively.  Either that or find a tame millennial to see me into my digital dotage." Matt Draper, commercial director, Network Research.

"The world is changing. Embrace the change and seize the opportunities that will inevitably arise." Jamin Brazil, CEO, FocusVision. 

That’s it for 2016! Check back in the new year for thoughts of market researchers on the companies and brands that are likely to succeed in 2017.