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FEATURE5 January 2017

2017 Preview: what success in 2017 will look like

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While some see it as business as usual, others on our panel think everything is changing, with the industry needing to face up to some difficult challenges to succeed in 2017.

more of the same

“The same as in 2016 – companies that do things well with authenticity and focus.” Ben Page, chief executive, Ipsos

“Much like it did in 2016. The fundamentals of business do not change.” Julian Highley, global director of customer knowledge, dunnhumby

“Success will look like it always has: creating technology and methods that enable businesses to confidently make decisions.” Jamin Brazil, CEO, FocusVision

“Continuing to grow in purposeful and profitable ways – growing and attracting talent in emotionally rewarding ways has always been key to service/profit chain success, but with global economies still in a state of flux following Brexit and the US election, having a true sense of purpose in business becomes even more key.” Caroline Frankum CEO EMEA, Lightspeed

ready for change

“Transformation. Business as usual isn’t an option.” Will Galgey, UK CEO, Kantar TNS

“As the industry is changing rapidly the ability to continue to innovate, adapt and evolve at the speed the market demands is critical.” Susan Vidler, head of research, Harris Interactive

“The brands that thrive will be those that revisit the fundamentals of marketing, and revive the passion and purpose that originally made them great. If the future of brands is about the tension between opposites – consolidation and disruption, data profusion and privacy, functionality and higher purpose – then the future has arrived (or at least the thin edge of the wedge). This is enough to signal a significantly different time; one driven by technology and globalisation and a more complex view of personal identity.” Jane Bloomfield, head of UK marketing, Kantar Millward Brown

dealing with challenges

“Learning to live with uncertainty.” Peter Totman, qualitative director, Jigsaw Research

“Holding ground in choppy water and helping people feel some sense of stability.” Crawford Hollingworth, founder, The Behavioural Architects

“Faster more than cheaper; cheaper more than better.” Ray Poynter, managing director, The Future Place

“The research agencies that succeed in 2017 will be the ones that prove their worth in a challenging landscape – with many of our clients likely to be facing rising costs, demonstrating the value of market research will be paramount.” Anna Cliffe, joint managing director, Trinity McQueen


“Better data integration from multiple sources to really drive insight.” Jane Rudling, managing director, Marketing Sciences Unlimited

“Within market research, integrating big data with personal observations and qualitative research. And to achieve this we’ll also need to see considerable technological advances – market research mustn’t be afraid to borrow techniques from other industries that really work.” Jane Frost, CEO, MRS

“Success will be defined by companies that figure out how to incorporate machine learning and automation into their products so that clients receive improved consistency and reliability, and consequently can benefit from more personal client service. Let the machines do the predictable work and the people do the unpredictable work.” Annie Pettit, research methodologist

“True partnership, at speed – our industry needs to combine and compliment to deliver success for our clients – combining data sources, techniques and insight and getting ahead of the decision (not post-rationalising it with insight to ‘back up’ a pre-determined path).” Christian Dubreuil, managing director EMEA, Research Now

Tomorrow, in our final 2017 Preview, we look at the skills needed in the coming year