OPINION5 February 2018

View from Silicon Valley

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From academic rigour to social norm reversals, Twitter’s Matt Taylor reflects on some of the cultural differences between American and British clients and agencies in the latest instalment of the View from Silicon Valley series.

Flags of the United States and the United Kingdom flying against a blue sky

I recently passed a milestone at terrifying speed; a year working in San Francisco has flashed past in the blink of an eye. That day, my team asked me what had surprised me the most about relocating here. It was interesting to reflect on the preconceptions I arrived with, and what the reality is. I thought I’d share a couple of these and, hopefully, they’ll offer some insights into the cultural differences between UK and US clients or agencies.

Preconception 1: In the home state of Hollywood, storytelling will be a more important strength to develop as a researcher than in the UK. 

Reality: Wrong! The truth is that clients and agencies here feel much more academic than their British counterparts. Of course, communicating research in a persuasive, compelling way is a huge priority in whichever market you travel, but there’s a big difference in what you are expected to demonstrate. It’s much more common in ...