OPINION28 August 2019

Seven deadly sins

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There is an app for each of the seven sins, Lorna Tilbian explains as she explores the societal and stock market impact of the tech giants.

Seven sins pride_crop

According to Christian tradition, the seven deadly sins, or cardinal sins, are envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth and anger – and there is an app that caters for each Biblical vice. 

Each of these apps is a micro-reflection of the fourth industrial revolution and the greatest transfer of value in stock market history. Trillions of dollars have migrated from traditional industries and companies to the tech titans that own these apps. Some of these giants – such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft (owner of LinkedIn) – have individually become the first trillion-dollar-quoted companies in history.

1. Envy. Facebook, with more than 2bn subscribers worldwide – nearly 30% of the global population – is the prime site for inciting envy and jealousy. Photos and information posted encourage voyeurism and stoke feelings of discontent and resentful longing of someone else’s possessions, experiences or luck. Deep down, envy is caused by a dissatisfaction with one’s self-image. This dissatisfaction reflects low self-esteem – a poor ...