OPINION5 October 2021

Ready for recovery: The role of analytics

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Those working in analytics have an opportunity to offer predictive insight into what the recovery from Covid-19 could look like, says James Oates.

The words 'road to recovery' printed on the middle of a road, with sunshine in distance

The timescale for recovery from the global pandemic continues to jump forward and back depending on the day of the week and the latest data being released.

In our personal lives, it seems we will hopefully finally be able to decide which sporting event or music festival we would like to attend, and which family members we would like to hug again. In general, these are going to be easy decisions to make, even for an awkward, non-hugging Yorkshireman such as myself (a handshake will do fine, thanks – if we are ever allowed to do that again).

In our business lives, the timescale for recovery brings with it challenging questions within the context of a broad range of opinion on what recovery looks like: the promise of ‘a new normal’; the biggest boom for several generations; or even that there is no new normal at all and we are heading for an economic downturn.

Whatever is coming down the line, each and every one of us in ...