NEWS1 October 2015

YouthSight unveils youth tracking tool

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UK — YouthSight has launched State of the Youth Nation (SYN), a data-driven online dashboard monitoring the trends and behaviours of 16-24 year olds in the UK.


SYN, which launches on October 5, will conduct 1,000 interviews every two months. It will provide information on spending habits, media usage, career aspirations and lifestyle decisions, along with other insights.

The product includes quarterly presentations and in-house presentations from YouthSight researchers.

“SYN is the result of feedback from insight and marketing directors who’ve shown us their appetite for reliable and fresh youth data on demand,” said Josephine Hansom, YouthSight’s head of youth research and insight.

“SYN provides easy to access but comprehensive research that can be used in reports, proposals and meetings.”