NEWS8 July 2013

YouGov launches eGov monitor in UAE

Government Middle East and Africa

UAE — YouGov has launched an eGov satisfaction survey (eGSS) in the United Arab Emirates, which gauges the public’s satisfaction with various institutions every six months.


The eGSS evaluates e-service performance across eight groups: police, transport authority, health authority, authority for residence, municipalities, electricity and water companies, and Salik (the road toll collection system).

YouGov says the list will be expanded in the next research wave to include all representative public institutions in the country.

Satisfaction is measured using six standard questions and results are concentrated into one measure, the eGSI (eGovernment Satisfaction Index). The eGSI combines satisfaction with service and policy, recommendation, recent improvement, relative performance and trust to produce a synthetic KPI.

“More importantly,” YouGov says, “the eGSS includes a segmentation of customers based on their level of satisfaction and facilitates the development of action plans that increase or maintain the satisfaction of each target segment by using a behavioural predictive model. The model indicates which areas have the highest impact on customer satisfaction and how much overall satisfaction will increase if the issue is improved.”