NEWS10 August 2009

Yahoo probes ‘engagement’ with online videos

North America

US— Yahoo has developed a model for measuring levels of engagement in viewers of online videos.

The new model is based on three variables: whether the video was viewed until the end, how the viewer rated the video and whether they posted a comment or shared the video after viewing it.

According to the firm’s research, the videos that score higher for these attributes lead to greater levels of recall and a higher likelihood of the viewer seeking further product information after seeing the video.

Liz Huszarik of Warner Bros Media Research, which collaborated on the study with Yahoo, said: “This propensity for sharing and ad recall translates into improved viral ‘buzz’ for advertisers and their ads – if they take advantage of online video opportunities properly.”

Radha Subramanyam, head of corporate and media research for Yahoo, said: “We plan to use this engagement model to help publishers, including Yahoo, better identify which videos should be shown online, as well as how they can be effectively measured and monetised. It’s our hope that marketers will find this information helpful as they consider launching advertising campaigns in video-rich environments.”