NEWS10 July 2012

Yahoo launches audience-buying service Genome

Data analytics North America

US— Yahoo has launched a new audience-buying service for marketers that analyses a variety of data sources to help them identify the best target audiences for ad campaigns.

The new Genome tool gives access to data from Yahoo’s premium inventory, made up from its partnerships with AOL and Microsoft and from ComScore’s list of the top 1,000 online publishers. Yahoo holds user data on 76% of the US population while its search information provides information on more than 300 million online queries daily and over 50,000 user characterisations.

Peter Foster, Yahoo’s general manager of audience and performance advertising said: “Genome is unmatched in the marketplace. It’s a holistic combination of data inputs, premium supply and actionable analytics that can help marketers achieve their objectives from the top to the bottom of the funnel.”

Yahoo said that as a result of Genome launching, it would no longer be using the brand name Interclick – the segmentation, targeting and analytics technology firm it bought late last year. Interclick’s Open Segment Management audience valuation technology is used within Genome to help define the best target audiences.