NEWS23 November 2012

Wisemetrics analytics for Facebook service launched

Data analytics Europe

FRANCE — A new Facebook analytics service called Wisemetrics has been launched to help community managers measure and optimise their pages’ presence in the news feed.

Officilally launched today, Wisemetrics claims to be different from other platforms because it uses both private and public data to provide a deep level of insights about pageactivities.

It breaks down data into topics and detailed analytics so thar users can identify which posts have positively or negatively affceted the page’s overall “Edgerank” score. It can also monitor features and metrics, such as virality rate and traffic to websites. It can also export to PowerPoint.

Laurent Buanec, head of new media for GroupM France, who tested the solution, said: ”We have tested most Facebook analytics solutions available on the market, but none equal the power of the insights that we get through Wisemetrics. We highly recommend this solution to our customers and to our colleagues abroad.”

Stéphane Allard, CEO of Wisemetrics, added: “I’ve been running a social media agency for nine years, advising Fortune 100 companies, and I was not satisfied with existing solutions. The main problem was I felt that they were acceptable reporting solutions, but lacked real insights. They were not too useful to help you determine why numbers changed or how to improve performance.So, together with a team of talented developers, we’ve created the solution I needed.”