NEWS21 October 2014

‘Wellness uprising’ sweeping US

Healthcare News North America

US — People of all ages and demographics are rapidly adopting healthier lifestyles as their awareness of personal wellness increases, according to a report from shopping behaviour and retail trends consultancy WSL.


The Wellness Uprising Report 2014 found that people of all ages and income levels cited stress ( 47%) as their number one health concern and are adopting strategies to live healthier lives.

Among these are that on average more than half of Americans ( 57%) are eating less fast food, 46% less sweets, 41% less saturated fats, 33% less sodium and 27% less caffeine.

Wendy Liebmann, CEO of WSL said: “People are changing their dietary habits, eating less ‘bad’ foods and cooking more ‘good’ foods, two growing trends which will have a major impact on every type of business, especially those that involve food, exercise and healthcare. In the recent recession it was an economic necessity and now it has become a more holistic approach to being well every day.”

She added: “What began as a fringe movement of people interested in organic food, yoga and shopping at Whole Foods has turned into a national trend driven by a broad constituency of consumers of all ages, incomes, ethnicities and genders. They’re knowledgeable and passionate about taking care of their own and their family’s health.”

Among the report’s findings were:

  • Nearly half of Americas feel their health ( 42%) is excellent or very good ( 32%); 38% good.
  • On average, 85% of Americans are confident they know how to live a healthy life.
  • Stress is the leading obstacle to good health ( 47%), followed by ‘lack of sleep’ ( 37%); ‘not enough time to exercise’ ( 25%) and ‘working too many hours’ ( 17%).
  • The leading sign of good health today is ‘mental balance’ to 76% of Americans, replacing losing weight, the leader in 2011; feeling energised ( 74%) and feeling positive ( 71%).
  • The ‘Look of Health’ is especially important to Millennials, with the most important attributes being: ‘glowing soft skin’ ( 37%); ‘looking good in clothes’ ( 34%); ‘white teeth’ ( 31%); and ‘strong nails’ ( 27%).

‘How America Shops 2014 The Wellness Uprising’ surveyed 2,008 men and women, ages 18+, during July and August 2014.