NEWS1 December 2009

Webtrends unveils social media tracking service

Asia Pacific Technology

AUSTRALIA—Webtrends has launched a new tool that tracks conversations across social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The firm said its Social Measurement tool analyses content from more than 100 million blogs, tens of thousands of online forums and other social media channels.

Clients will be able to measure buzz about their company, products and latest marketing campaigns, as well as keep tabs on what is being said about competitors.

The tool will also produce a monthly report highlighting the ‘hot topics’ being discussed on Australian social media sites. Some of the topics highlighted in the first set of results are the launch of Microsoft Windows 7, the Australian Idol TV show, betting trends and the release of the latest instalment of the Twilight saga at cinemas.


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15 years ago

I guess the value of these services will not be in their monitoring of what was hot last month (it doesn't take a social measurement tool greater than a simple pair of ears to know that Australian Idol was huge last month in Oz - Go Stan!!) the real value will come in analysing some of the smaller issues that are off the radar somewhat and may become big: My fear is that these tools will be dominated simply by what's huge, (recent past tense) and for that there's little real value for decision makers. The 'hot topics' list just seems a disappointing product from a process that is undoubtedly complex, detailed and rigorous. Or has Webtrends got something much coller up its sleeve? I hope so.

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