NEWS9 March 2010

WebSideStory founder returns with new business Anametrix

Data analytics North America

US— A team of former WebSideStory executives – including founder Blaise Barrelet – have gone to market with a new business anaytics platform that aggregates online, offline and external databases for insight purposes.

Anametrix works as a hub for web analytics, social media monitoring, internal business intelligence and other data sets, and is intended to be used by companies as a means of leveraging data to enhance product performance, increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

Barrelet says: “Anametrix has the potential of 1,000 WebSideStories. We are building a billion-dollar business analytics company.”

Anametrix was co-founded by Barrelet and chief technical officer Anders Olsson, who was previously the system architect at WebSideStory.

Barrelet founded web analytics firm WebSideStory in 1996 and took it public in 2004, after which it was merged with Visual Sciences in 2006 and sold to Omniture in 2007, which in turn was bought by Adobe last year for $1.8bn.