NEWS19 June 2017

Watch Me Think offers free video analytics

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UK – Behavioural research agency Watch Me Think is opening up its video search, edit and share platform at no cost.

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The offer, open to anyone who works with video, includes up to 10GB of storage and use of its video analytics platform. 

"We primarily want to give some time back to people who work with video in their projects," said Alistair Vince, CEO at Watch Me Think.

"This isn’t about archiving your video content, this is about making the delivery of current projects more effective and more profitable because it will save people clock-loads of time.

"We know that videos clog up hard drives, that editing them and sharing them can be very painful and time-consuming. Our platform smashes those preconceptions about video – SES technology makes the core search, edit and share tasks that people carry out, simple to do."