NEWS14 September 2020

Walnut Unlimited launches new product testing method

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UK – Insights agency Walnut Unlimited has established a new approach to product testing incorporating emotional responses.


The approach, called TrueLiking, combines neuroscientific implicit testing alongside standard product and sensory testing techniques.

Walnut claims TrueLiking will provide emotional insights and facilitate responses from people who cannot easily articulate why they like or dislike a product at base level.

TrueLiking is designed for use at all stages of the product development process, and everything from experimental prototypes to existing product lines.

Becki Arnold, research director at Walnut Unlimited, said: “Most of our reactions to products are emotional, not rational, and unless asked we don’t even think about them.

“This is why we believe research shouldn’t just base decisions on whether people claim they like and would buy something, it should go further by uncovering that emotional response.”