NEWS13 December 2016

Wakoopa collaborates with GMO Research in Asia

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THE NETHERLANDS – Passive metering tech company Wakoopa has announced a partnership with online research platform GMO Research to create an Asian online consumer panel network, Asia Cloud Panel.

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GMO Research will now be part of the Wakoopa Hub network which was launched in May providing behavioural data to market researchers.

Through this partnership with GMO Research, Wakoopa Hub is now extending its reach to the Asian market, including Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Simon van Duivenvoorde, managing director of Wakoopa, said, “We are excited about this partnership with GMO Research, even more so because it increases our availability in the Asian market. This cooperation provides both parties with the opportunity to unlock and offer new consumer insights in Asia.”

Shinichi Hosokawa, CEO of GMO Research, said: “Asia is truly a diversified market and a perfect field to combine the behavioural data obtained with Wakoopa with the ‘answer’ data collected with questionnaires that explains the ‘why’. With this we will be able to bring to our clients a more holistic understanding of the consumer.”

Other Wakoopa Hub partners include Netquest, Respondi, SoapBoxSample, YouGov, STEM/MARK, MindTake Research and GapFish.