NEWS28 October 2014

Waitrose leads UK supermarkets in customer experience

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UK — Waitrose and M&S Food are the top UK supermarkets when it comes to customer experience, according to the 2014 UK CEE (Customer Experience Excellence) Survey.

Waitrose came seventh in customer experience management company Nunwood’s annual CEE ranking, which ranks the UK’s top brands — not limited to supermarkets — by the customer experience they provide. M&S placed tenth.

Former favourite supermarkets Tesco ( 60th), Morrisons ( 36th), Asda ( 25th) and Sainsbury’s ( 15th) have all slipped down the rankings, while low-end supermarkets Aldi ( 15th) and Lidl ( 33rd) have both seen a rise.

“During the recession customers started to look at more ways that they could save money and Aldi and Lidl both realised there was a niche in the market to offer quality products at low cost prices,” said Nunwood’s retail expert Craig Ryder.

“These consumers still wanted to buy some luxury quality items, so tended to pick them up from the likes of M&S Food. This has left the supermarkets such as Tesco with an issue as the once famous ‘all under one roof’ proposition doesn’t appear to be what consumers want any more.”

Findings were based on 7,500 customers talking across 260 UK brands. Full findings can be accessed here.