NEWS25 April 2018

Voxpopme releases customer experience platform

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UK – Video insight specialist Voxpopme has launched VideoCX, a video customer experience platform.

As video becomes an increasing part of consumers’ communications, VideoCX allows businesses to make video part of their customer experience programmes – getting true voice-of-the-customer feedback data.

Customers can leave a short video along with their NPS, cSAT or CES score, and videos collected are processed by Voxpopme’s analytics engine with transcription, sentiment and theme-coding available through a dashboard where show reels of key insights can be created and shared across the organisation.

Dave Carruthers, founder and CEO of Voxpopme, said: “Giving consumers the ability to talk openly and honestly about their experiences without needing to answer a long battery of questions is very powerful. This is key when looking at shifting consumer behaviours and the growing number of customer groups who are video natives and want their voice to be heard.”